FAQs about Rush

I am concerned about my grades. How will they be affected?

Typically, students who join Delta Tau Delta perform better academically after joining the fraternity. During pledging, new members learn valuable scholastic skills. The brotherhood is also a terrific resource as it spans almost every major and program. Upperclassmen are always willing to assist your transition into college, from helping you choose classes to studying with you.

Why should I join a fraternity?

There are plenty of reasons to join. Many people enjoy finding a place to belong at college. The fraternity can act as your "family" while you are away from home. Others enjoy the social aspect of making many new friends. Still other men join because they know it will help with their academics. In any case, being a member of Delta Tau Delta will enrich your college experience and help you develop into a man.

How much time will the fraternity take up?

Like any other organization, Delta Tau Delta will require a certain amount of your time. Unlike most other associations however, the more time you devote to the fraternity, the better it will become as a reflection on you. Also, the North American Interfraternity Conference research has shown that the more involved a college student is, the better his or her chance is of graduating and experiencing greater satisfaction with his or her college experience. Overall, Delta Tau Delta will teach you how to balance your academic work with your fraternity involvement in addition to your other commitments.

Aren't fraternities just like the ones portrayed in Animal House and on MTV?

Although the media portrays Greek life in a bad light, the stereotype could not be further from the truth. Delta Tau Delta is a value-based organization dedicated to the development of the character of its members and to fostering lifelong friendships.

Aren't all new members hazed?

Hazing is the antithesis of brotherhood and greatly contradicts our Mission Statement and Values. As such, Delta Tau Delta is strictly opposed to hazing in any form. The activities of new members consist of learning the history of the fraternity and how it operates, building the friendships between the new members and the brothers, honing leadership and academic skills, strengthening the community through service and philanthropy, and training to be a viable brother upon initiation.

How much will joining a fraternity cost?

Financial cost should not be a concern. Delta Tau Delta offer's over $3500 in scholarships yearly. If you can't pay your dues because of financial reasons, we can work out a payment plan. There are a few one time costs during the first year, but overall, Delta Tau Delta's dues are comparable to the other fraternities on campus.

What if my parents don't want me to join?

Invite your parents to come to the Chapter house or to look at this website, or any other material you receive, to learn more about Delta Tau Delta. You can find even more information from our national website (www.delts.org). If need be, have a brother talk to your parents over the phone or in person to answer any questions your parents may have.


Alright, I am interested in joining. What do I do now?

You'll have to let us know you're interested. Contact either of our Rush Chairs or come to any of our rush events. Reference the schedule of upcoming rush events.


I have another question that wasn't answered here. What do I do?

If you still have a question, feel free to talk about it with a brother. Any one can talk to you about his experiences. Or if you prefer, email deltataudelta@kenyon.edu and we can answer your questions.

Where is the Delt Lodge?


Contact Kenyon Delts:

Mailing address:

  • Delta Tau Delta
  • PO Box 32
  • Gambier, OH
  • 43022-0032