National History

In 1858 Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College . Eight undergraduates, angered by a fixed vote for a prize in oratory to be given at the Neotrophian Literary Society, the only real forum for students to practice and demonstrate skills in poetry, public speaking, and writing essays, responded by forming a secret society. The purpose of the new society, known by the Greek letters Delta Tau Delta, was to see that the Neotrophian Society was returned to a normal democracy, and delivered from the hands of the group of students who seized it.

The Fraternity was founded to right an unjust situation; Delta Tau Delta was born of the knowledge that integrity is essential. Its eight founders', outraged that one group of students would and could choose in advance the candidate they favored, then join together to swing enough votes for that man to win, regardless of his actual performance in the contest, presented the first opportunity for Delts to realize the importance of accountability.

Delta Tau Delta is far more than a mere social organization, more than a place to live or a way to meet people. The Delts are different from the typical social fraternity. Our mission, “Committed to Lives of Excellence,” is what we as a Fraternity represent. Delta Tau Delta fulfills many purposes, not the least of which are sharpening its members' leadership skills and helping them launch successful careers. Delt life provides fantastic opportunities to grow and prepare our members for personal and career development. Our members can utilize the Fraternity as a launching pad to prepare and set themselves apart from other students.

These members beginning their first steps on the pathway to a life of excellence will be learning to accept and encourage their fellow brothers. These members will be exposed to situations and opportunities where individuals can learn from others and experience for themselves the traditions, values, and everyday behaviors of others that represent excellence in every facet of life. Members quickly discover that the Delt path of excellence will support and pave the way to incredible opportunities in their future.

History of The Lodge and Middle Leonard

Following it's completion in 1969, the Chi Shelter, otherwise known as the Lodge, has become an integral part of the Chi experience. We are able to have two members live at the Lodge, and for many years, this was the only off campus housing available . Even though it only houses two Delts, The Lodge serves as the central gathering place for Chi Chapter. Everything from formal meetings to Lodge parties are held at the Lodge. Recent improvements in the Lodge include the replacing of ceiling tiles, repairing the floor, and the painting of our letters onto the wall.

Unlike many other chapters, all members of Chi do not all live at the lodge. Most members live in our division housing in the middle of Leonard Hall as Kenyon College does not have greek houses. Sitting at the top of middle Leonard Hall is the Delt Lounge. What used to be an area for parties, is now just used for smaller social activities and chapter meetings. 

Where is the Delt Lodge?


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