Delta Tau Delta was established by men who felt a need to enrich college life through the companionship of congenial friends, not only because it is instinctive with men to want to associate with those they like, but because men develop best in the midst of friends and stimulating surroundings.

However, it is the purpose of a Fraternity to give you something much more; to help you maintain the highest levels of academic achievement; to help you to find your place in the college community and grow into a position of importance within it; to encourage you to undertake activities and work which will develop the talents you already possess; to give you the benefit of the experience of upperclassmen and alumni; to furnish an environment which will promote your objectives and stimulate your finest growth; and above all develop and strengthen the bonds of Brotherhood which will follow you down any path of life you choose.

It is the purpose of your Fraternity to allow you to participate in what has been called "the best demonstration of democratic living to be found on the college campus"; where men learn how to live together, with the give and take of conflicting interests and varying temperaments. Your Fraternity is a place where men learn to forgo personal glory, opting for choices which lead to the greater benefit of the group. Every member will be called upon to fortify another's weakness with their own strength, and to give of their abundance to a brother's need. Your Fraternity is that place where you discover that we are all our brother's keeper and have a real responsibility for our brother's actions, just as we are under deep obligation to do nothing which will injure the group or make life more difficult for any man. That is the meaning of Fraternity.

We can summarize the purpose of Delta Tau Delta in these words: To make your college years so rich and valuable, that their influence will be a continuing force for good throughout your life, and that through that influence you may become a great force in the life of others.

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